Our vision is a meaningful and human-centered legal experience.

All people being involved in legal matters in a business context, shall enjoy meaningful and human-need-centered legal experiences compatible with their professional and private lives - irrespective of their location, professional background or depth of involvement.

The symbiosis of technology and law distinguishes us.

We uncompromisingly leverage opportunities emerging from digital transformation to achieve a superior legal service delivery experience. Established in 2016, our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, legal management consultants, user-experience designers, and agile legal technologists has served corporate legal departments, law firms, and alternative legal service providers. The team uniquely combines all skills in a cross-disciplinary approach to assist clients efficiently with their digital journey. Although we operate as a virtual team, Berlin and Hilden serve as our hub offices.

We decrypt legal issues.

Legal operations benefit from specialized, tailored products and advisory services, ranging from legal design for digital target operating models, use-case development and process mapping across the entire matter management lifecycle, legal project management, training, user interface design, custom development, and systems integration to IT maintenance.