Help to make legal processes better

We design, develop and render products and services for enterprise-wide, digital legal, compliance and regulatory processes. Our ambitious and game-changing solutions are used in corporate legal departments, law firms, and others. What we strive for is a new legal user experience for all. And we’d like your help.


We currently don't have any open vacancies.
Open applications are welcome!

Your job is not listed amongst our current “Vacancies” below but you love to change the way legal and compliance services are delivered?

An enthusiastic hands-on person, inspiring team player and curious explorer of unchartered territory? A software developer looking for a virtual team of cool code lovers mastering anything from React to Elixir? An admitted attorney, lawyer or law graduate with an affection for tech-enabled processes?

Lots or little experience, we would love to hear from you in any event as new opportunities are continuously arising. Contact us at


We value an environment of creativity and productivity. Hence, we strive to contribute our share to empowering you in your daily tasks and professional endeavours. Our benefits are not carved in stone, let's discuss anything that is missing in the list below.

Personal development budget

Continuous learning is important to us, such as attending conferences or courses, personal coaching, etc. We will offer funding and support to achieve personal and professional growth.

Regular team meetups

Sometimes, it’s good to meet in person. Team events, etc., paid by the company.

Leisure budget

If you are into sports, we are happy to support your membership, and if you aren’t, we will assist with other hobbies that matter to you.

Workspace budget

You will have a budget to spend on outfitting your home office or renting a co-working space.

Perfect tools

Equipping you with a MacBook or equivalent, headphones, etc. is our understanding of a proper infrastructure.

Time to relax

Recharging batteries and spending time with the family matters to you and us. We offer more annual leave days than what is prescribed by German law.

Our principles

An organization is driven by its people and culture. What follows are the principles of smartvokat, which together describe the foundational characteristics of the company. The principles provide a rubric by which we can make decisions and through a shared understanding we can act collectively in a consistent manner.


We will always be transparent about our strategy, objectives, decisions, capabilities, policies, and processes. This transparency helps our company, our team, and our clients to do business better. We continuously communicate the status of our work, the status of the roadmap, and who is involved to all stakeholders.


We will always be focused on innovating and pushing the boundaries in an attempt to deeply impact the status quo. Practical considerations rather than the theoretical demand pragmatism. Pragmatism impacts every layer of our thinking.


The execution of an idea matters much more than the idea itself. Action should always be preferred to inaction. A job well done requires applying a sense of purpose and thoughtfulness. Attention to detail should be applied to everything we produce.


Growth comes from constantly seeking feedback, learning, and adapting based on new understanding. We must view mistakes as learning opportunities. Long after we forget the details of an interaction, we remember how we felt. This extends to our interactions with others and our work.


Collaboration leads to better results. We must avoid overconfidence in our knowledge and engage with all stakeholders to find a working solution. Through the same active process of learning, reflecting, and adapting, we must increase the effectiveness of our execution and challenge ourselves to solve new problems.


Vision is our guide to ensure that every action we take moves us in the right direction. Having a shared vision requires us to reflect on the big picture.