smartvokat attends inaugural LEGAL LIVE conference (23 -25 March 2021)

smartvokat and its joint venture "Inspiring Legal" will attend the online edition of the annual Legal Revolution conference. Focus of this year's appearance on the inaugural online format will be on workflow solutions.

LEGAL LIVE brings together the decision-makers and shapers from law and compliance. Experience a virtual world full of solutions, innovations and networking.

Both companies will showcase how corporate legal and compliance groups can implement and use best practices in service delivery. It's our main goal is to help enterprises in two ways: Firstly, creating a new legal user experience and secondly, solving the most common problems of legal and compliance teams:

  • overload with standard inquiries;
  • inconsistent and unstructured communications;
  • lack of metrics and - as a result - lacking time and resources to support strategic corporate initiatives.

Free registration is available at

Legal Live
23 - 25 March , online